Apr 16

Book Review – Entanglement: An International Spy Thriller

Entanglement: An International Spy Thriller
by: Corbin Coltrane

From the author:
Dr. Shane Somers is a 28 year old physicist and engineer who develops a new form of telecommunications based on Albert Einstein’s theory of Quantum Entanglement. His new invention makes the fastest internet connection look like the Pony Express by comparison and could be worth hundreds of billions of dollars if brought to market. Meanwhile, China’s top secret agent is determined to acquire the technology for Mr. Chu, the ruthless owner of Chu Industries, a network of over-sized factories in China known for their disregard of the environment and inhumane treatment of its employees.

Magnus Gunnarsson, Shane’s long time best friend and former high school rival, pays Shane a visit after not seeing him for several years. Magnus informs him that he now works for TAG, an organization that doesn’t officially exist, but has the mission of countering international corporate espionage while also acquiring new forms of technology for the United States in the name of national security.

It is now up to Shane and Magnus, reunited best friends, to track down China’s super spy and reclaim the technology before it’s too late. But the infamous spy has a few tricks up his sleeve that neither of them see coming. Despite the odds stacked against them, they must succeed… America’s economy and global dominance hangs in the balance.

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Click the book to:
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My Review:
I enjoy reading a good spy thriller and Coltrane delivered.  He took me on a thrill ride from the first page of the book.  Shane has developed a series of world revolutionizing inventions, yet he remains stuck in his lab – Why?  What does Shane need to keep hidden and why?

When Coltrane reveals secrets about his characters, he does it in a manner that hooks the reader into wanting more.  Little tidbits about Shane or Magnus only serves as an appetizer – it satisfies the hunger for now, but that hunger returns as the story unfolds.

I wondered where the book would lead me.  Chapters opened new and exciting avenues that the story could travel.  Each had it’s own closed and locked doors to be investigated.  But would the reader want to open them?

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Mar 13

Book Review – A Touch of Magic

A Touch of Magic
by: Gregory Mahan

Randal Miller was a typical teen in a not so typical town.  He was old enough, albeit just barely, to become an apprentice and thus begin his journey to adulthood.  He could have stayed home and worked the mill with his father, but the ownership of that mill was already promised to his older brother Erik.  Randal had no desire to be second fiddle to anyone, especially his older brother.

So Randal set out for the job fair.  The fair came to Geldorn, a nearby town, once per year and provided the small rural town with amusement as well as opportunity for its youth.  As usual he found the fair to be fun and exciting, but he was on a mission.  He was determined to be hired as an apprentice before the fair was over.

A Touch of Magic By: Gregory Mahan

Little did Randal know, his desire to become an apprentice would be his outdoing.  He and his friend Bobby found themselves in the military circle with swords (wooden swords) learning how to fight.  Randall was not good at it, in fact he was just plain bad at being a soldier.  His humiliation worsened when Bobby managed to clobber him in the head knocking Randal out cold.  Everyone saw and they all laughed at his expense.

With Bobby’s help they managed to get to Frank’s Inn.  The duo was interrupted by an older gentleman named Earl, who invited himself to sit at their table.  Randal had no idea who Earl was, nor did he care.  But Earl not only new about Randal, he was determined to have him as an apprentice, too.   It sounded good, till Randal realized that Earl was a mage.  Magic was forbidden and punishable by death, so why would Earl admit to being a mage and why would he want Randal as his apprentice?

Mahan weaves a mystery around magic, Randal’s reluctant journey into the forbidden world of magic, and the horror of impending death should he be found out.  I found the book to be an enjoyable read.  It was a pleasure to take Randal’s journey with him, wondering how his young life would change as he discovered more about his gift of magic.  Have recommended it to several friends.

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